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As an Isokinaut you have access to exclusive information and additional details

For a one-time, nominal fee, you can access the exclusive Isokinator member area. There you will immediately find bonus material such as additional explanations, new exercises, countless tips and answers that are not in the standard instructions or in the app. The training diary and the success table are also only available for our Isokinauts as a download in the member area.

You get clarity and certainty that you are always doing the right thing

Since 1957 we have read, checked and applied thousands of basics and new findings in sports science for you. And as experts in this field, we have further processed and filtered these findings with decades of experience. This resulted in the scientifically proven Koelbel method, which is constantly being optimized. And for you to be able to use this method successfully, you only need a unique system: the Isokinator. You just have to learn how to use this tool optimally.

You will learn what to do and what not to do

This saves you a lot of time for your own tests and research. And you save a lot of money that you would otherwise probably have spent on wrong and ineffective systems. You not only get the tool, but also the knowledge to use the tool correctly. We only share this special knowledge with the members in the exclusive, otherwise closed learning areas of this website.

Know what really matters

You will receive tried-and-tested tips on how you can significantly improve your fitness and health, and then maintain it. You will learn how to make your body more efficient and robust. And you'll learn what you need to do to stay 40 for 40 years. You will learn how to live to be 100 years old and how to manage everyday life in a self-determined manner and with your own strength. It is not the amount of information that matters, but the quality. Everything unimportant is filtered out for you. Nevertheless, this closed area is constantly being filled, updated and supplemented.

This knowledge becomes - the older you get - more and more valuable

In time, you will realize that this knowledge is worth its weight in gold. Or can it only cost you 4.95 euros? No, because basically it is priceless. A sick person spends many thousands of euros just to get well again. But what is a system worth that prevents the greatest diseases of mankind, or makes them less likely? These include obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, muscle wasting, back problems, lack of exercise, tension, immune deficiency and even cancer.

A knowledge advantage for everyone who wants to achieve more

With the advanced membership, you are an Isokinaut. And as an added bonus, only as an Isokinaut do you get the opportunity for coveted access to the otherwise closed Isokinator Facebook group with over 4,500 posts since 2014. This is an extremely valuable and priceless treasure trove of information.

Become an Isokinaut now and get straight to the exclusive members' area.

Important: This offer will be available for our international clients in about 3-4 months. At first, we have to do all the translations.

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Become an Isokinaut now

PS. The term "Isokinaut" is to be understood as an international English term. Nautics is the science and study of operating a ship or spacecraft. A navigator is a trained navigator at sea or an astronaut in space who finds the best way. An Isokinaut is therefore a person who not only uses the Isokinator intensively, but also has extensive knowledge of the right way. The basis for this is the additional knowledge from the online learning area. Gender is unimportant. All tips and information are always generally valid: male, female, diverse - it doesn't matter!