The ISOKINATOR ® from Koelbel

The professional training system based on sports science

Isokinator Strength Training System

More muscles & more strength & more endurance & more health


Targeted muscle building all over the body

With the Isokinator you carry out a so-called "free training", which is otherwise only known from dumbbells (keyword "free weights"). You move the Isokinator freely on the body and always under powerful permanent muscle tension over the entire movement range of the exercise. Regardless of the angle of the joints, you always have the same resistance. This does not give the muscle a chance to relax or rest. Not only the main muscle groups are trained, but also all auxiliary and ancillary muscles. This ensures a sporty and harmoniously shaped athlete's body for men and a crisp bikini figure for women.

Short, high-intensity strength training according to plan

Only 7 special basic exercises are enough for a complete full body workout in 23 minutes of training every other day. You can feel and see how an athletic physique develops. Guaranteed quickly visible and measurable construction success. Scientifically proven by the University of Hanover: With 36 training sessions, the Isokinator forms an average of 38 cm of new muscle circumference measurements distributed all over the body. Arms, legs, upper body, stomach, back and shoulders are trained, strengthened and shaped. Muscles build up, fat is broken down.

Fitness training anytime, anywhere

With a net weight of only approx. 300 grams, the Isokinator is your perfect, mobile companion. Without location requirements, attachments or cable pulls. The resistances can be continuously increased (from 0 to 90 kilos). For beginners and advanced learners of all ages. A professional full-body workout at home or on the go. You train when and where you want: indoors, outdoors or even in the shower. You experience fitness "to tear trees" and save membership fees, long distances and time.

Brilliantly simple & simply brilliant

Adjust the resistance, pull on the hand or foot straps and hold them continuously. Move this so-called power block freely on the body with daily increasing muscle strength. The expert or sports scientist describes it: Isokinetic desmodromic training in slow motion without any risk of injury. Training errors are ruled out by the control function of the indicator balls. You don't need anything else. A perfect and flawless strength training and endurance training at the same time!

The trick with 70% effort

The Isokinator goes along with every movement, just like with so-called free weight training. However, always with exactly 70% of your maximum strength and under full load ("TUT" = time under tension) over the entire range of movement. It doesn't get any more intense than that. Highly effective muscle building all over the body.

All the benefits and no risk

Infinitely adjustable resistance from 0-90 kilos, for beginners and advanced users. With 7 basic exercises and 28 alternative pull and push exercises. Error-free training through control systems. Professional training concept for fast, visible and measurable success in muscle building and targeted figure shaping. Cardio training included! Made in Germany! Deluxe quality with a 20-year full guarantee - no ifs or buts! No risk: 30 days right of withdrawal with full permission to use. Generous 30-day test period for the first visible successes.

Real carefree complete package: unpack and get started immediately!

Each Isokinator always comes with the most thorough instructions for both men and women. These training instructions are also a training plan for each performance level. You see and read exactly how to train. The device measures, controls and doses your training. You will also learn everything about the right training pace, the optimal setting of strength, the right breathing, and you will also receive over 20 tips to make your success even greater.

In addition, you get a diary with every device, which always accompanies your training and records your successes. And a film on YouTube or DVD (70 minutes documentation & detailed exercise explanation). You can download the free app for your smartphone (Apple and Android) before you buy it.

Fixed concept, no trial and error

An Isokinator machine is not a dumbbell. This eliminates the often noisy changing of discs between exercises and also when testing 70% of maximum strength. Similarly, the plug-in weights of large machines are in increments of 5 or 10 kg. An Isokinator, on the other hand, allows the resistance to be adjusted quickly and silently in large and small steps and also continuously. Overall, it offers a solid, logical concept of training with the right breathing technique, without spectators, waiting times at the device, monthly contributions and trips between home and sports facility.

An optimal training system based on the Koelbel method

The Isokinator offers a professional training concept for fast, visible and measurable success in muscle building and targeted figure shaping. An optimal training system for men and women of all ages. Targeted strength training and endurance training in one unit! Application errors are hardly possible and injuries are not known.

This compact and mobile fitness machine is available exclusively and directly from Koelbel Training Research and not from stationary retailers.

The Isokinator in deluxe quality is handcrafted - Made in Germany!

All about the Isokinator

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