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The development history of the Isokinator

At Koelbel Training Research, we have been developing new training methods based on sports science since 1957. Read here why you should not waste time with outdated training systems.

Koelbel recommends the Facebook group Isokinator Training

For some time now there has also been a group on Facebook in which the members exchange information about training with the Isokinator...

Which weight or which resistance is optimal for the training?

For the optimal resistance in training, you have to know your maximum strength. How strong is the muscle anyway?

Koelbel develops the CCCC method for optimal muscle building

The abbreviation CCCC (pronounced 4C) stands for: Combined Constant and Controlled Contraction.

Two limited Isokinator special editions

More resistance, firmer pull loops and less weight. These two special models look very classy and they are limited.

The Isokinator: The new way to get an athlectic body

Fitness has changed. Everything becomes simple and successful. With impressive Results.

Isokinator Training - Health By Muscles - The Movie

The official film about the muscle training using the Isokinator

The Isokinator is absolutely NEW in 19 different ways!

NEW! The compact device can accompany you like a mobile device. The first hand held fitness device ever. A short workout anywhere anytime.

Isokinator App for free

In German, but in English as well. With additional information, FAQs and various contact options for your queries.