Can I train differently with the Isokinator?

Yes you can, but you're never guaranteed to get better results.

Read here why this is so

The Isokinator was developed after Koelbel Training developed a plan for optimal training. This plan has been constantly improved, corrected and optimized since the company was founded in 1957. It is based on the results of sports science, our own research and the diverse experiences of more than 14 million customers around the world. From these ingredients, around 90 rules were set up as to how optimal training should be designed.

And only then was it researched with which aids, tools or training equipment these 90 rules can be implemented.

However, there was nothing. That is why company founder Gert F. Koelbel developed the Isokinator and applied for a patent. Only the Isokinator can implement the Koelbel method 1:1. Only with the Isokinator do you have a foolproof training system that is bound to give you the best results.

Therefore, it is logical that you may be able to use other tools to imitate the movements of the exercises. But the effect is different, and you are still a long way from following the countless other rules of the Koelbel method.

A rope or a loop has no controlled and adjustable resistance, no tough-elastic suspension to relieve the tendons and joints. You don't know how much power you're using, so you can't know when to start your next training session. Daily training is absolutely wrong, the intensity determines the recovery period. And your musculature can only grow during the break phase if a proper build-up stimulus is set.

If you don't pay attention to all of this, you can still train with great commitment. But unfortunately without success. More does not mean more - that is one of the 90 rules of Koelbel training research.

If you want to train properly, use the right tool and use it with wise guidance.


Would you like a suitable comparison?

You can also drive a nail into the wall with pliers. But everyone knows that a hammer is made for that and gives better results.

In the case of exercise equipment, this simple insight is not yet widely known because the results are not immediately visible. Just listen to the experts who have been dealing with this topic for around 60 years. You save many futile self-experiments that have already driven many people to despair.