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With this free test login, as a member you will receive even more information, success reports from users and extensive background knowledge about the Isokinator. However, the free login is not a complete replacement for the training guide that accompanies each Isokinator.

In addition, there are also some advanced and paid areas such as an online course or additional professional tips that you can optionally unlock.

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And another note for understanding: This login is completely independent. It is only valid for this page "en.isokinator.com" or for the free app. Other access data from our other pages are not automatically active here. There is no connection. After your first registration, you can of course set up the same access data if that is easier for you.

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Important: This is the Internation/English Archive only. Everything is in English language. All German Isokinator users should prefer the German Archive. Please click here: German Isokinator Archive


Wichtig: Dieses ist das Internationale/Englische Archiv und alles ist nur in englischer Sprache. Möchten Sie lieber ein deutsches Archiv? Dann klicken Sie hier: Deutsches Isokinator Archiv