Isokinator App for free

Isokinator App for free

Just published: the free app for the Isokinator (in English as well)

Now the mobile Isokinator has still got his own app for the true mobile use. Not quite in accordance with our firm principles, but by popular demand.

Actually, we wanted - and we are proud of - to create a training system that gets by without batteries and without an Internet connection. For the "desert island", completely self-sufficient and independent of each technique. Without maintenance and extremely long usability. Where can you get such a thing like this today?

Therefore, it was just as well that can also handle the development of robust Crumpled chart that a bet on the "desert island" as the device itself.

But not everyone lives on an island, and most probably prefer to enjoy the benefits of the technology. So be it.

The app is not a substitute for the paper instructions included with each Isokinator. It is an addition.

Here are the links for your device:

PS. The app is closed since 2023

Please use the Isokinator archive on the internet for the same information.