Isokinator Training - Health By Muscles - The Movie

The official film about the muscle training using the Isokinator

A detailed training manual plus instructions on YouTube about the Isokinator of the Koelbel Training Research. Effective total body workout and faster muscle gain with only one device at home and on the go: chest muscle workout, biceps workout, triceps, abdominal muscle training, leg workout, back workout, shoulder workout, arm workout. For men and women - no matter what age!

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The Isokinator Film - Health by muscles

How trained muscles strengthen our organs. A documentation based on scientific evidence, plus training instructions for men and women.


The film on muscle building and health using an ISOKINATOR. This extremely flat training machine made of stainless steel (with a 20-year warranty) is the result of "compact sizing" in the muscle forge of Koelbel Training Research. The device replaces seven stationary training machines while fitting inside a trouser pocket. A new accessory device for humanity like a wristwatch or a mobile phone. It helps optimize fitness and health at home and on the go. Through 20-to-25-minute workouts. More does not bring better results. The film shows an increase in muscle circumference of 38 cm (15 inches) after only 36 training sessions. The investigations conducted by 26 university professors of sports biology and sports medicine form the basis for the fact that growth in musculature also means a strengthening of all inner organs. And new biological power for your body.

35 exercises for men & women of all ages

The 7 basic exercises for men are shown along with 13 alternative exercises which provide variety. 6 completely different basic exercises plus 4 alternative exercises are offered for women. You will also find the 5 new special exercises you can do using the Iso-Hook (optional accessory).

Note: This film is the same movie from the DVD.