Koelbel recommends the Facebook group Isokinator Training

Facebook Group Isokinator Training

Koelbel Training Research is always available to answer questions before or after purchasing a training machine. This is part of the service: We are happy to give you useful tips and information. For some time now there has also been a group on Facebook in which the members exchange information about training with the Isokinator... People help each other.

As an Isokinaut, you will be helped on Facebook

Like the Isokinator app, the Facebook group is a free and voluntary additional service only for Isokinator customers with their own login to the exclusive members' area as Isokinaut. However, access remains blocked before purchase and without the appropriate registration as an Isokinaut.

Find the answers or ask the questions yourself

That's why Koelbel recommends all customers who want to achieve even more: Become an Isokinaut now (more on this after the free test login). Because only as a verified Isokinaut can you join the Facebook group. But then there are numerous possibilities: exchange ideas with other users and discuss the exclusive content of the extended members' area. Ask your questions there and get quick answers from the moderators and the most diverse Isokinator users from all over the world.

Since 2014, more than 4,500 contributions have been published and discussed in the group. Please always use the search function in the Facebook group first to search for your keywords. A new comment under an old post promotes the topic to the top, so other group members can respond as well. An extremely valuable and priceless treasure trove of information.

The link to the Facebook group: Isokinator Training

Answer questions

Does everyone join the group?

No, you can only join the group as a so-called Isokinaut. We talk in the group about the content of the extended member area. Without this information, you cannot have a say.

I might want to buy an Isokinator. May I look around the group?

No, the group is not suitable for interested parties. We don't want to keep answering the same questions for every newcomer in the group: Explain the device to me. Does the training really work? Show off your achievements! Will someone sell me their device? You only get these answers outside the group. Use the contact form at on this page.

Why was my membership request rejected?

It is very likely that you did not answer the questions. Or the answers showed that you are not yet an Isokinaut.

I do have an Isokinator. Why can't I join the group?

You can only join the group as an Isokinaut. This is a paid and extended membership on en.isokinator.com. The members of the group already have a much greater level of knowledge. You are still missing these basics if you do not know the content from the members area.

Do I have to pay anything if I want to join the group?

No, Facebook group membership is a free bonus for our best customers. They are so-called Isokinauts, and they have already acquired a great deal of knowledge through the large amount of paid information from the members' area on en.isokinator.com. If you want to have a say, you must be an Isokinaut and accept the group rules.

The Isokinator was expensive enough. I want to join the group now!

No, that's not an argument. With the purchase of an Isokinator you have also received training instructions with a "success guarantee". All you have to do is follow these instructions to train successfully with the Isokinator. If you would like to learn more about how you can further optimize your training, we recommend the paid learning area at en.isokinator.com. As Isokinaut we help you find the best way. You practically get the "inner compass" and you recognize your path and your mission. Actually logical: This additional and usually very individual help cannot already be included in the purchase price of the Isokinator. And not everyone wants or needs this kind of support, advice or coaching. Decide for yourself how much help you want to receive.