Success stories wanted: Share your Isokinator-training experience

A training with the Isokinator quickly shows good results

A training with the Isokinator quickly shows good results

Just after 3 months many things are different: More muscle everywhere, less fat, a significantly improved state of health and indescribably good feeling. Time and again, our customers in this way on the phone or in emails. Who has just begun with the Isokinator training can't believe what just happened, all with his own body even hardly. Everyone has to tell a different story. And exactly such experiences we are looking for.

Show others your progress and success story

Show others your progress and success story

Reports other readers about your experiences about training with the Isokinator. Send us pictures (before / after) and write a few words, how did you feel during the workout. What you have found out. It is not always just that extra degree of muscles. Even little things are interesting, such as a narrower waist and the old pants fit again. Or just describe the great feeling of fitness newly acquired. Have you noticed any health improvements? How does the training in your everyday symptoms? What are your friends saying? We look forward to many exciting and entertaining stories ...

PS. If your image or your story will be published here on these pages, you will receive a 25 Euro shopping voucher as a small "Thank You".

... this here is already a small beginning:

Mack0127 at, 23 Jan 2014: ***** Very compact: Rejuvenates former healthy appearance, You do need supplements along with the use off machine having not tried Koelbel supplements. I've used other supplements, It's up to personal choice.

Mr S J Gowen at, 27 Oct 2013: ***** works!: Had this for about six weeks now and can't recommend it enough. Allows you to exercise to exhaustion and keeps tension on the muscle through the entire transit of the movement. Consequently it adds strength and mass quickly to the areas you never knew you had. Only wish I'd bought the green giant though, as I can see myself reaching the limits of the classic in time - particularly with leg exercises.

Steve Huxtable at, 20 Sep 2013: ***** A great training!:A great training aid, alongside the gym. Very useful when away and on holiday, enables you to keep your shape. Great Buy!

Chris Enness at, 24 Sep 2013: **** excellent:A great way to train for the busy person or for someone that cannot get to the gym. It is not an easy workout though, like any workout ; more effort in = greater returns. It is so effective and convenient.

matt at, 2 Aug 2013: ***** exercise: this product is a must have for anyone with no time to go to the gym it really does work within weeks i noticed not just a physical effect but i felt better.

D. Hemenway "Animation Nut" (UK) at, 3 Oct 2012: ***** Pricey but no expense spared: At a casual glance the Isokinator may appear to be another of those fitness gimmicks that produce little in the way of results. At this price the Isokinator has to be good and show a change in physique. As a fan of the Bullworker and Isometrics in general, I purchased this item knowing it was invented by the same person as the Bullworker and that certainly gives great results if used correctly. The Isokinator is VERY well made. Only the best materials are used. Some parts are even gold plated! Obviously it has to be sturdy as you are pulling as hard as you can on the straps, or with at least 70% of your strength anyway. It's made to last and the 20 year warranty reflects this and shows the company have confidence in their product. The first time I used it my muscles were quite sore next day. I've had it a couple of weeks now and it seems very effective. My strength has definitely improved (I've almost doubled the amount of push-ups I can now do) and my wife says I'm looking more muscular. It is expensive but you can see that it's made very well indeed and worth the money.

Pete at, 22 Jan 2014: ***** Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? Opening this for the first time had me a bit stumped to be honest. Not a particularly big package opens up to a chocolate bar-sized wrap. You tear open the paper and, 'what the heck is this?' is the first impression. Small, metallic, and very different. I am still practicing but the CD and on-line content is helpful. Undoubtedly very well-made but I am glad I bought the case to protect it from scratching. It is a great size for carrying around and hopefully it will add an extra dimension to my existing exercise regime. I have now bought the equipment, bag and extra strap from Koelbel and their customer service has been excellent. It has been a leap of faith paying so much money for this, particularly the Green Giant, but I trust its Bullworker legacy (which I still use) and time will tell whether my Isokinator purchase has been worthwhile.

Mr D Hindmarch at, 12 Jan 2014: ***** Isokinator Green Giant, mobile Fitness Machine: When we bought the Isokinator, we did not expect the results so quickly. By using this extremely well-made portable exercise device, we have found that our muscle development and fitness has increased noticeably, to such an extent that we are longer able to wear some of our favourite (but now too small!) jumpers. We can heartily recommend this product.

5 out of 5: "Isokinator Green Giant is a great piece of training equipment. I bought the Isokinator Green Giant, Iso strap and DVD. The Isokinator is extremely sturdy and very well made. I have completed several whole body workouts, I am athletic and physically strong and have found it to have great resistance levels for all exercises, in fact there is plenty of extra resistance to spare. Well recommended." David F., 2 February 2014

5 out of 5: "Excellent service from the seller. Very quick delivery. I had an earlier query which was quickly and politely dealt with. Five stars." Pete, 22 January 2014

5 out of 5: "Top class service. Great product. Highly recommend. A+++" Buzz Campion, 27 December 2013

David Felstead at, 09 Feb 2014: ***** Isokinator Green Giant: Can be summed up in one word - Brilliant. I am fairly strong and i wanted a piece of equipment that was portable, with robust build quality that would have resistance that would allow me to exercise each muscle group to failure quickly. The Isokinator green giant has surpassed all of my expectations, The device looks and works great, it has got enough resistance for anyone to use irregardless of current strength, a very intensive whole body workout takes me about twenty minutes. Highly recommended.

David Felstead at, 09 Feb 2014: ***** Isokinator Training Manual: Very clear, easy to read instructions on how to use the Isokinator. Manual is large, so even if you are an older athlete with less than perfect eyesight, the instructions and drawings in the manual are simple and easy to read. Well recommended.

K. Bailey (Chicago, IL USA) at, September 16, 2012: ***** This is my favorite toy: I am in my 50's and have been using it for a couple of weeks. I have already been getting compliments on the results. You Tube has lots of videos on the machine. I keep it in my backpack and use it almost everywhere. Shipping to Suburban Chicago from Germany was less than 10 days. Excellent quality and I would easily do it again. Don't fall for the negative rants, this is a great product.

Terry at, September 4, 2012: ***** A Useful Device: The Isokinator is brilliantly designed, with excellent materials and a twenty year guarantee. I can't compare it to traditional weight lifting because I've never done that. However, my usage of the Isokinator in practice over the last year has succeeded in developing a full range of powerful muscles that are reasonably well defined from head to toe. Most important, you can really feel the extra muscle power working for you when you're out training on the road or lifting heavy weights. I'm impressed. P.S. The Isokinator is infinitely superior to the Bullworker X5 et al.

Verkäufer "worf1155" (Berlin) at, January 29, 2012: ***** German Value: This little device is the best Isokinetic device there is. You do not need anything else. It is better than the others, because you have a perfect range of motion. You take the Isokinator under tension and make movements like in Thai Chi. The other reason is, that you can change the resistance up from 0-90 kilos. It is even better than dumbbells. You always have a gym with you. Even when you go out running. It is not just a pressure against an unchangeable device. You need to have changeable resistance, if you want to gain muscles. To have three levels, springs etc. is also not enough. It has to be infinitely resistance exchange. For that the Isokinator is the perfect device.

Richmo at, November 18, 2011: ***** Don't buy any other exerciser!: I have always trained with something, I started with Dynamic tension then to the Bullworker and progressed to weight training. I found the Isokinator by accident looking for a new Bullworker as the many years of weight training have taken their toll on my joints, I'm 57 by the way. The Koelbel site was beautifully put together as is I might add the Isokinator itself. But as the site is in German I found even with a google translation it was hard to understand how the device might benefit me. After checking on line videos about the Isokinator and doing as much homework on it as I could find I purchased one. Turned out to be the best thing I ever did! Firstly you have to forget everything you think you know about training and to leave your ego in the next room when using the device. To simplify the training it's an isometric hold but and it's a big but, you move the muscle under tension through a full range of motion, not static like in isometric training. The second thing you must get right is the powerblock. Pick a resistance that allows you to hold the golden bullets over the marker holes for a full ten reps. It's no good putting 40kgs resistance on the device if after 3 - 4 reps the bullets start to fall back to the middle. This is important because it is this powerblock over the full range of movement for 10 reps that provides you with such amazing results. You may think 7 exercises aren't enough, but if done intensively enough you will soon realise they are more than sufficient. One more thing when you train, you train very slowly. Each rep takes about 3 - 4 seconds to do, so by the time you reach your tenth rep the muscle being exercised will be screaming for relief. Train as instructed once ever two days, eat well and you will be rewarded with great results. If you want a shapely muscular athletic body, buy yourself an Isokinator. You won't regret it!!!!!!

Renfield (UK) at, August 12, 2011:  **** A few things to consider: I was surprised to see this here. Yes I have one of them (actually, it's the slightly larger version called 'Green Giant') and I can confirm it kind of works. Why kind of? Well, it all depends on how serious you are with your muscle building venture. First of all, be aware that, if you train intensely with this machine you will hit 60mins easily, so no real time saving here compared to free weighs in your home gym. If you are really into weight lifting you have to use free weights. Period. Nothing will give you the same kind of workout. Also, for some reason my shoulders do not agree with some of the Isokinator exercises executed over too long a period, especially the overhead ones can be a little heavy on your rotator cuffs but it might be only me, check it out for yourselves. There are basically three sensible options with this machine: 1. It's brilliant to take with you in your holidays or when your are travelling for business because it fits in everywhere (don't forget your lifting gloves though, the straps are not very comfortable). It gives you an amazing pump, for what its worth, at least you feel very well after training. 2. You can use it to freshen up your existing weights routine with a totally different type of exercise this machine provides. My theory is that it could be used for plateau busting. Just through in some exercises every now and then to shock your body. 3. You could use it on its own but you will soon be limited. At least you should add some bodyweight exercises like push ups and pull ups.
I started off with it, had some results but got stuck at a certain point. So I added push ups, weighted push ups and so forth, until I did eventually mainly free weight exercises. But, as I said, you will get results with it if you train hard and, all importantly, EAT properly. good luck

Gvv at, July 17, 2011: ***** Absolutely spitze! For the workout on the go or even at home, forget the gym, go to the gym to socialize but this little machine does almost all. It looks like a gimmick but wait until you feel your muscles after your first workout. And no, I am not related to the German maker but it is definitely in line with the BMW & Mercedes designs. This is a top notch compact workout portable machine for the traveller and home use. People without much time who need to go through a full muscle workout will love it!!!

Denver G Chance at, May 25, 2012: ***** A full body workout in a remote sized package: I currently own all three versions of the Isokinator; from the original plastic model to the 'Green Giant' edition. I can attest that if (like most things) the exercises are done correctly you can build muscle size, strength, and resiliency. My only gripe is I wish that they had included the advanced exercises from the original Isokinator. I have them so it's no problem for me, but for the money spent it should be a given. This would have prevented plateau issues down the road. That aside, it is a extremely well built piece of kit and if it is within your budget, I recommend it to be part of your training regimen.

Bacala at, April 29, 2012: ***** Testaverde: I received this device today from Germany. The instructions were clear and concise. It is ready to use right out of the box. This device seems very well made. It fits in a pants pocket to carry around. A good isokinetic type workout can be achieved with this device anywhere, anytime at upmost convenience and ease.

to be continued ...