History of the Isokinator

The development history of the Isokinator

At Koelbel Training Research, we have been developing new training methods based on sports science since 1957. First the method is developed, then a system is sought with which the method can be implemented 1:1. And if there is no system, we develop the right training device.

What you see as a customer is initially only the device. However, there is much more development and research work behind it than meets the eye. The studies and scientific knowledge that existed in the 1960s were very limited. This became our first training system, the "Tensolator".

By the mid-1980s, there were many new scientific studies that forced us to adapt our Koelbel method. The initially favored, isometric training, was no longer ideal. We abandoned this type of training and developed new systems and training equipment that were therefore much closer to science. But these devices also had to be regularly adapted and improved because the rules for optimal training also changed.

In the meantime we have not only discontinued the Tensolator, but also all other training equipment, dumbbells and machines. There was no longer a way to further adapt these tools to follow the constantly tweaked Koelbel method as well as the Isokinator does today.

Maybe you now understand why it doesn't depend on the tool or the training device. It is crucial that this tool is used correctly to achieve the best results.

Only if you follow the Isokinator training instructions will you systematically implement the tried and tested Koelbel method. And that's the only reason why you train with the best results without regression and without injuries.

Read in our members' area why, for example, controlling the use of force is so crucial. And why 70% of the maximum strength is the best value for strength training. You will realize that there is no point in simply imitating the exercises of the Isokinator e.g. with a fixed loop. And you will understand that the loop should not be tight and rigid.

Don't waste time with old and wrong training systems. With the Isokinator you have everything in your own hands.