The Isokinator is absolutely NEW in 19 different ways!

The Isokinator is absolutely NEW in 19 different ways!

1.) NEW! The ISOKINATOR is a serious full-scale exercise device with a compact design devised for isokinetic (not isometric) training. It measures a mere 80 x 180 x 12 millimeters, but it creates infinitely adjustable resistances from 0.5 to 90 kg (Classic model) or 1 to 180 kg (Green Giant model). It is hand-made in Germany, has a 20-year warranty and is returnable within 30 days of receipt if it doesn’t prove effective. Universal, unconditional service is provided!

2.) NEW! The compact device can accompany you like a wristwatch or a mobile phone. It is the first pocket-portable fitness device ever. Now the temptation to do a short workout anywhere, anytime is much greater.

3.) NEW! As of now, you can exercise whenever and wherever you want to. At home, in a hotel room, on a break at work, in the open air, in front of the television (the device is absolutely noiseless) while taking a break from driving to banish fatigue, during overseas flights to ward off thrombosis, etc.

4.) NEW! The Isokinator is perfect for a workout on the beach too. It even tolerates contact with sun lotion, sand, ocean water, ice cream and spilled soft drinks. A lethal mixture for any other technical device, but not for the Isokinator. If it ever gets soiled, simply put it in the dishwasher. After the cycle has run it will be as good as new.

5.) NEW! You can use the Isokinator to exercise under the shower. Don’t worry about the water and the foam. You’ll feel completely regenerated.

6.) NEW! (news for doctors) Can the Isokinator be used to activate a patient’s cardiovascular system and musculature while he is sick in bed? It is the first exercise machine which tolerates disinfection in an autoclave (before use by the next patient).

7.) NEW! The Isokinator does not have a single plastic component. There are no rotating components, no worn-out ball bearings, no clacking or scratching noises during workouts (which are often a sign of a cheap product). 70.33% of the Isokinator is made of stainless-steel components. The rest is made of carbon steel, 14-carat gold and aerospace aluminum. The best engineering achievement? A special component, the soul of the device, masters 70 different functions simultaneously. The device embodies technical harmony and is absolutely wear-free, guaranteeing comprehensive value maintenance for decades.

8.) NEW! The Isokinator matches the muscle-building performance and leverage effect of seven large fitness gym machines. Two golden balls in the cockpit of the device show whether you can manage to maintain constant tension at the set resistance (balls are kept in the “hole position”) or not (balls drift towards the center). This way you can tell whether you have selected too much or too little resistance (see Training Manual). Everyone who exercises using the device receives his own personalized signals from the cockpit for custom-tailored training.

9.) NEW! You can dispense with long tension ropes and activation levers. The compact device accompanies all movements near the body, with hands or feet maintaining constant tension. You can set the resistance beforehand.  

10.) NEW! The Isokinator distributes the selected resistance to agonistic and antagonistic muscles gram for gram. This prevents uneven exertion of the two sides of the body and disproportions between the upper and the lower body (asymmetries and disbalances).

11.) NEW! Using the Isokinator, a total workout for men comprises a 20-to-25 minute session of seven exercises performed every other day. Up to 400 auxiliary muscles are activated as well (see Training Manual). This makes for full-scale workouts without any monthly gym fees or trips to and from a sports facility.

12.) NEW! The device reduces a complete bikini workout for women to six special exercises specially devised for the female organism, which require a mere 15-minute training session every other day. And 400 auxiliary muscles are automatically exercised as well (see Instruction Manual for device) It’s a full-scale exercise program with no monthly fees and no time-consuming trips to a sports facility.

13.) NEW! General sports only build up the muscles used for the chosen type of sport. In contrast, the Isokinator creates an even flow of strength for every muscle from the beginning to the end of each exercise movement without any harmful heaving and hoing. It helps you become more physically attractive and stabilize your health better than any general types of sports can.

14.) NEW! When exercising legs, abdomen, waist and buttocks, the Isokinator is held by your feet with the long straps.

15.) NEW! When exercising arms, shoulders, chest and back the device is held by your hands using the short straps. Push-and-pull exercises are performed (push exercises in the form of cross-over exercises; see Training Manual).

16.) NEW! Exercises are done without any jerking, strain or impact. At the neutral points of movements, the Isokinator is as vigorously elastic as the joint itself. Any risk of injury associated with other types of sports activities is ruled out.

17.) NEW! After six minutes of isokinetic (not isometric) exercises, your stamina gets trained as well. The exercises do more than just tone up your body. All the inner organs, the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, brain activity, bone substance, hormonal balance and fat burning all get optimized, putting you in top form.

18.) NEW! The Isokinator has been scientifically assessed by the Institute for Sports Sciences at the University of Hanover (recently renamed Leibniz University). Its innovativeness and positive effects on the human body have been confirmed and scientifically founded prognoses have been made about its successfulness (a copy of the expertise can be provided upon request).

19.) NEW! A warm-up to start with? Stretching exercises? Cool-down exercises at the end? Not necessary; they are all integrated into the device. The first exercise done using the Isokinator warms you up for the following ones. Stretching before or after doing a workout becomes a thing of the past because each exercise activates your joints and muscles right down to their vigorous-elastic neutral points. This way the muscles get pre-stretched for the next exercise. And cool-down exercises? Your body never gets overheated by the Isokinator in the first place. For this reason, it doesn’t need any “extra cool-down exercises” either.

Summary for physicians, coaches and physiotherapists:

During each exercise movement, the device builds up tension in the direct vicinity of hands and feet between the contractions of two contrarily active muscle groups (movement coupling of agonist – device – antagonist) via a freely reacting and effectively controllable resistance. This doesn’t involve any isometric muscle work with exhalation on exertion, but rather isokinetic training involving even control of strength and respiration across the entire movement amplitude. The device can be used to perform maximum-strength tests for any muscle you want every ten days, showing a 70%-value, which can be adopted for continuing highly effective training. Even beginners can sustain 70% of maximum strength (with golden balls staying in hole position; see no.8) during their workout. This is a sign that training is being done exactly the way it should be, at the highest possible level of success.

Good to know:

Even after 12 years, these points are still NEW. You can also replace the word "new" with the word "different". The meaning is not changed and nevertheless remains permanently valid.