The Isokinator: The new way to get an athlectic body

The Isokinator: The new way to get an athlectic body

Fitness has changed

Your Isokinator does not need long cables, levers, or reserving elements anymore. The machine follows for itself with all movements. Direct between your hands or feet ("companion-effect"). Feel free from the constrain-conducted movements of big training machines. The Isokinator transmits previous cable and lever actions into your arms, legs and torso. In this manner, the device doubles the effects with new isokinetic (not isometric) exercises. Build your athletic body faster now.

Everything becomes simple and successful

Set a resistance and dock hands or feet in the "loops". Take the Isokinator in continuous traction and hold this resistance. Now you can move the Isokinator with powerful muscle tension. For example, horizontal, in circles or back and forth. Or vertical up and down.

Suddenly, everywhere and every time a training

It's so easy. You just need seven exercises (20 to 25 minutes / every second day). Train everywhere you want: by travel, at long-distant airplane travels, in hotel rooms, at the beach, in your bathroom or maybe exercise in the morning while lying in the bed. Your "Wake-Up-Training" builds your muscles, silent and discreet. You can use it while watching TV or even standing under the running shower. In addition, your Isokinator is an excellent help for any unbalanced kind of sport.

Impressive Results

After 36x training you will be built up 38 centimeters (14,8 inches) new circumference-measurements. A scientific report confirms the Isokinator: After training 36 times there are 38 cm new circumference measurements (Institute of Sports Science at the University of Hannover, Leibniz University recently). Even whole body parts to be optimized and more efficient. It's the best combined training for health and figure.

The secret of Isokinator

The device recognizes your maximal strength (100%). It then automatically switches to 70% thereof. So you always work with the ideal resistance, as the sports science calls for several years.

But now comes the best: The Isokinator keeps this 70% power continuously on during training. You train the entire moving distance, always under full tension. That is, from an end point of the possible path of movement to the other end. Such freedom of movement and optimum loading of muscles is not possible using free weights, dumbbells or even large studio equipment.

You need for each muscle group only one single effective exercise: you come out with 7 carefully considered movements. This saves time, protects the joints, and it still strengthens the muscles and even tendons.

The Isokinator is after 50 years of training research the most effective and most successful fitness machine by Gert F. Koelbel.

Compact, mobile, completely silent and in deluxe quality.
Completely made in Germany with 20-year warranty!