The optimal training speed is 30 BPM

How fast a movement should be performed with the Isokinator?

"Every back" and "every force" or "every up" and "every down" during Isokinator training should be done in about 2 seconds. The musician calls it 30 BPM (beats per minute).

Remind: First, move the slider to the desired resistance. Then pull the grip straps and keep under constant tension that the golden balls always stand above "holes". Now you start with the actual implementation of the exercise (see instructions). You have to make certain that the golden balls are not touching, but remain above the holes during the hole set of 10 reps. Only after 10 movements, the constant tension subsided for the first time and the balls are allowed to touch again. 20 seconds of rest and then follows the next set or the next exercise. But how quickly should you move during the exercise?

This chart shows the optimal speed

How fast a movement should be performed with the Isokinator?

Back … and forth - the yellow box symbolizes the Isokinator.

Slowly and intensely with strength and fully concentrated, never hurried or quickly. Faster, it is easier, but it will not go easy indeed. Because the muscle only grows with his duties.

After a short time you have the right feeling for the optimal training speed, and you can do it without these little help.

Another little tip: There are so-called metronome apps for mobile phones. We recommend e.g. free app for the iPhone, called "Metronome+ Lite". It is important that the app can be set to "Largo", with very slow 30 beats per minute. Unfortunately, not every app offer this. So you get to the picture also a little noise signal, which illustrates the reversal point of the movement.