Two limited Isokinator special editions

Two limited Isokinator special editions

More resistance, firmer pull loops and less weight

These two special models look very classy, and they are limited. They differ from the standard models not only in their particularly simple coloring. These 3 differences make them very desirable:

11% more resistance thanks to optimized spring system

This corresponds to up to 100 kilos in the "Special" model instead of 90 kilos in the "Classic" model. Or even the ultimate 200 kg resistance with the "double-decker" model "Black Beast". Incidentally, the "Green Giant" Isokinator with its 180 kg resistance has never been used by any of our athletes.

50% thicker pull loops allow an even firmer grip

The thicker material lies even better in the hand, but remains just as versatile. In the picture above, you can see the standard pull strap, including the new one.

50% thicker pull loops allow an even firmer grip

16-20% less weight makes the devices even more manageable

The back of these Isokinator models is no longer made of matt stainless steel like the standard models. The aluminum alloy used here is also used in the aerospace industry: approx. 100 grams lighter and yet very robust. In this way, the weight of the device could be significantly reduced and makes these models even more mobile. For example, here is the back of the Isokinator Special:

Isokinator Special backside view

Here are the two new models, again individually and from the front.

Isokinator Special frontside view

Isokinator Special with 100 kg controlled resistance

Basically identical to the Isokinator Classic. Maybe he'll be a classic too. But read the details of the differences here.

Isokinator Black Beast front side view

Isokinator Black Beast with up to 200 kg of controlled resistance

The ultimate challenge for the professional. The "double-decker" with 2 sliders, which are always continuously adjustable together.