What should I do if I get sore muscles or experience pain?

If you have already experienced pain after engaging in other types of sports and workouts or as a result of extreme exercises (with damage to tendons, ligaments, cartilage, shoulder rotators) then you can start by working out the previously painful area carefully in standby mode (see device cockpit). Take 3 seconds to carry out the movement instead of 2. You can also try an alternative exercise or use a lower resistance. If pain occurs again, you should consult a sports physician. In principle the ISOKINATOR is gentle on the joints since all movements are carried out slowly with elastic resilience to the endpoints of the joint, which react with elastic resilience as well, providing gentle pre-stretching for the musculature in preparation for the next series of exercises. Without jolts, impact or strain. You should not do any additional stretching exercises, however. This can easily put pain-inducing strain on the joints. Sore muscles, on the other hand, are a positive effect. Two to three days after an unfamiliar workout, the body shows you where the exercise "hit home". Give your body a break for 1-2 days and restart your training slowly. Besides, such a harmless sign of effectiveness only occurs if you have just started an exercise program or have switched to a new exercise. If you continue to train every 2 days from then on, you will never experience sore muscles again.