Why is the Isokinator so suitable for people with joint problems?

There are 3 things that are responsible for this. And only the clever combination of these 3 points succeeds only with the Isokinator.

People with joint problems love Isokinator training because there is no jerk or bump in the movements. Because it is the sudden load changes in the movements that cause the pain in the joint. And that doesn't exist with the Isokinator.

The control function of the Isokinator monitors your use of force and straightens the force curve. Due to this constant and even flow of force and the slow movements, joint problems are avoided.

If you imitated the same movements with a rope, you would not have this steady and controlled use of force.

What such a firm rope does not have is the tough-elastic buffering of the Isokinator. The patented spring system made of stainless steel relieves tendons, ligaments and joints. The resistance springs are much more robust than the human joints. And this spring-loaded resistance is not pulled against a fixed stop in the device, but it is held free-floating above the control markings.

1. Control function
2. tough-elastic resistance
3. no fixed stop

You now realize that it is not just the exercises, but the tool that was made to be able to perform the exercises perfectly without ruining the body.